Vision & Mission

Our Purpose

CWSA: Stellenbosch strives to be the leading organisation in the achievement of a safe and caring environment for children and families in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Our Mission Statement

“To promote, protect and enhance the safety, wellbeing and healthy development of children and families; ensuring the restoration of the dignity of children, families and communities.”


Our Key Objectives

  • Sustainment of the family as a unit, protecting the marriage and the child/ren within the family.
  • Addressing social needs of individuals and families through the rendering of professional social work services.
  • No discrimination in terms of race, gender, beliefs, language, culture, marital status, income or disability, with respect to our admission policy.
  • Empowering people from communities through the presentation of capacity building and awareness programs and developmental projects.
  • Sustainment of services through the involvement of volunteers.
  • Collaborating with organisations, institutions and partners who share the same goals and ideologies as the organisation.
  • Addressing problems of poverty and unemployment through poverty alleviation and eradication programs.
  • Advocate for rights of parents to have unconditional care and contact with their biological children.
  • Implementation of the rights (and responsibilities) of children; as well as legislation concerning children, in order to ensure our children are adequately protected.

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