Our Story

Child Welfare SA Stellenbosch, also known as “Kinder- en Gesinsorgverenging Stellenbosch”, was established on 6 June, 1916, and affiliated to the Child Welfare South Africa National Council in 1924.

The motivation for such a society emanated from the public’s concern with high mortality rate of children. The first employee was a district nurse whose sole purpose was to educate mothers; thereby improving the situation resulting in the decline of premature deaths.

Up until 1943, all services were rendered on a voluntary basis, and the first social worker was appointed in 1943.


From its inception, this organisation has served the community across a diverse cultural spectrum. The “Apartheid Era” brought with it continued threats of closure, owing to the organisation’s delivery of services to a multi-racial society. The regime was further thwarted by the establishment of subcommittees in the area to ensure that social services be delivered.  Empowerment of the people through hands-on-training in all aspects has lead to a very close-knit organisation in the new South Africa.

The very first social worker, Anne Barends, was followed up by Mrs. Mary Samuels, who served the organisation for 44 years.

The problems we address through the years have remained the same, increasing only in intensity: poverty, substance abuse, gang violence, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy and fractured families, to mention a few.

The name of the Organisation changed to Child Welfare South Africa: Stellenbosch; or Kindersorg Suid-Afrika: Stellenbosch during 2005.

The profile has never changed, and the Organisation has grew in stature within the greater Stellenbosch magisterial district, and extended to the Kuilsriver magisterial area, based on the standard and credibility of the services delivered by our professional staff component.

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