Board Members

Steering the organisation towards a sustainable future

Our Board Members are responsible for adopting sound corporate governance and financial management practices, adhering to and implementing our policies, and overseeing the service delivery function of our organisation.

Chairman:                        Mnr. W. Pietersen
Vice-Chairman:              Prof. S. Green
Honorary President:    Mev. A. Gilomee
Treasurer:                        Mnr. Jaco Odendaal
Marketer:                           Mnr. W. Landman
Secretary:                         Mev. E. Retief
Additional Member:     Mnr. E Shaik
Director:                            Mev. EMJ Nieuwoudt
Ambassador:                  Mishka Patel (Ms SA 2014 top 12 finalist)


Mishka Patel – Ms SA 2014 top 12 finalist


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